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about Dragon Bonsai

It was in 1985 when a friend gave me a book on Bonsai from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. After going through the pages I was amazed at the artistry and the age of these wonderful trees.
That's all it took to spark my interest. I could combine art and horticulture to achieve timeless treasures. As my passion grew so did my collection, I visited nurseries and scoured the countryside to find potential materials. Many Bonsai growers in the area assisted in expanding my knowledge and my love for this art.
Today I wish to share this knowledge and provide quality bonsai materials for the Ottawa area. We invite you to come visit our three greenhouses of exotic and native Bonsai.
- Marc R. Martin



  • re-poting
  • wintering
  • demonstrations
  • lessons
  • bonsai
  • pots & soil
  • wire
  • tools

Love - Breathe - Bonsai

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